My name is Chinedu Chiana, an Investor, Entrepreneur, Financial & Business Coach and Author.

About 30 years ago when I was training to be a surgeon, I developed an interest in the stock market. I wanted to become a successful private investor. I started buying and selling shares. I kept a detailed ledger of my trades. I had no strategy or system. I was buying shares and selling them sometimes the same day or within a few days or weeks. I will often act on tips for example from the weekend press by buying on a Monday morning. I was hyperactive. I dabbled into options and Contracts For Difference trading. Some trades made a profit but overall, I was losing money from my short term trading. I realised I had to discover a system to create what I call ‘sticky wealth’ from stocks and shares.

I embarked on a period of study. I devoured any book I could find on investment strategies, studied and researched the methods of the most successful investors in the world. I read financial journals, magazines and publications. I studied investment analysis, fundamental and technical analysis, how to research, analyse and screen companies and the dynamics of companies from different economic sectors. I was desperate to find a system that will help me achieve my financial goals. I came to understand that the most consistent approach to wealth creation in the stock market, especially for the novice investor, was through long term investment in a portfolio of stocks and shares – either individual companies or funds, employing the powers of compound interest. I finally had a SYSTEM.

These are simple, common sense principles anyone can learn.  They are however not EASY. It is my hope that my knowledge and experience will help those in a similar position as I was almost 30 years ago – to learn the principles behind growing long term wealth through the stock market. I aim to EDUCATE, INFORM and ENTERTAIN. I will not be hawking individual shares. I am not a financial adviser. However my story shows that ANYONE CAN DO IT. You will learn a structured method so you don’t have to go through the long learning process I had to navigate. 

My book, The Smart & Common Sense Investor” is a constellation of the principles that will help you learn and become a successful long term investor. It is intended as an educational tool particularly for the novice investor.

My online course, Pennies to Freedom, is a modular course that takes you step by step through the foundation principles of investment, how to analyse and value companies, how to pick potential winners, how to write an investment theme for any share you buy, how to develop the mindset of a successful investor plus lots of freebies thrown in. The aim is that at the end of the course you will learn how to build a long term portfolio of stocks and shares and in the process create a life of financial freedom and security.

I work with businesses to scale and offer services particularly in the area of digital marketing including

  • WordPress website design and hosting
  • Email marketing and automation
  • Funnel marketing
  • Social medial advertising

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