My name is Chinedu Chiana.

I trained as a surgeon.

I also have a passion for personal finance and investment.

These are not taught in schools, and so most people miss out on the principles of wealth creation and preservation. 

They also never become financially independent.

So I wrote a personal finance book in 2014, The Smart and Common Sense Investor.

This is to help the beginner with the principles of long-term investment in the stock market.

My second passion is entrepreneurship, in particular, digital marketing.

I have done this as a side hustle into a separate stream of income.

I have several free resources, including a free ebook to help beginners.

I started this blog in November 2017.

As the name suggests, it was initially my intention to use it for my personal finance writing.

Indeed, my first blog posts were on personal finance.

It then pivoted into digital marketing.

Both skills have helped me provide coaching and consulting services.

You learn how to create wealth through digital marketing.

Then you learn how to preserve and grow wealth through investments.

They are intertwined.

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