Digital Marketing Physician Side Gigs

Digital marketing physician side gigs provide an opportunity for physicians to earn extra income by building a profitable online business as a side hustle, leveraging digital marketing high-income skills like lead generation, email marketing, website building, sales funnel building, social media marketing, content marketing, sales, and presenting. Doctors can acquire these skills through online courses like the Legendary Marketer 15-Day Online Business Builder Challenge.

Interest in physician side gigs has gone up significantly in the last few years.

In a recent Medscape report, 39% of US physicians who took part in the survey had a side hustle.

For more than half of the doctors with side gigs, creating an additional income stream was the primary motivation.

Interestingly, most of the side gigs were in the medical field, with medical consulting, expert witnessing, medical moonlighting, and telemedicine being some of the most popular.

Outside medicine, real estate, business, investing, and teaching attracted the most side hustles.

Surprisingly, not many doctors are making extra income through digital marketing, a niche with massive potential and opportunity.

Digital marketing covers a broad spectrum of online businesses.

These include content marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, affiliate marketing, and search engine optimization (SEO).

A digital marketer will use a mixture of such skills to build an online business.

For example, my online business involves content creation with text (blog SEO) and video (social media), promoted through my email list (email marketing), and monetized in part through affiliate marketing.

Advantages of Digital Marketing

Some of the advantages of a digital marketing business include:

  • Low start-up costs: Unlike brick-and-mortar and capital-intensive businesses, digital marketing businesses require low financial outlay.
  • Global reach: The internet provides a global audience for your business.
  • Scalability: Digital businesses can be grown and scaled up at a fast rate.
  • High profit margins: With low overheads, digital marketing businesses enjoy high profit margins. Many 7-figure online businesses are run virtually, incurring very low administrative costs.
  • Unlimited income potential: There is no limit to your earnings with digital marketing businesses.

Digital Marketing Niches For Physician Side Gigs

There are four core digital marketing niches with the highest profit potential.

High Ticket Affiliate Marketing

Many beginners in digital marketing start with affiliate marketing.

Simply put, it is a business where companies pay you a commission for promoting their products.

Over 80% of businesses, including popular names like Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, and Tesla, have an affiliate program.

They pay their affiliates a commission for each sale they make.

High-ticket affiliate marketing refers to programs that pay high commissions. 

Affiliates earn commissions that run into thousands of dollars for each sale.

Potential affiliate marketing niches for physicians include:

  • Health and wellness products
  • Medical supplies and equipment
  • Telemedicine services
  • Online pharmacies
  • Health insurance plans
  • Medical education and training
  • Digital health apps
  • Nutrition and meal planning services
  • Fitness and exercise programs
  • Medical wearables and devices.

The advantages of affiliate marketing include:

  • Beginner-friendly
  • You do not have to create your own products.
  • No inventory or storage is required.
  • No shipping or fulfillment is necessary
  • You do not need a customer services department to deal with queries, product returns, or complaints.
  • With low overhead, the profit margins are relatively high.

Selling Digital Products

Whereas with affiliate marketing, you are promoting other people’s products, you can create and sell your own digital products.

As a side gig, physicians can create video-based online courses using their unique knowledge.

These could cover disease prevention, nutrition, mental health, or specific medical conditions.

They can write and sell ebooks on health and wellness again, taking advantage of their medical knowledge.

Other opportunities include creating health-related apps, templates, videos, and software.

Coaching and Consulting

Physicians can leverage their expertise and experience to offer coaching and consulting services.

This could be to individuals, other healthcare professionals, or healthcare organizations.

As a coach or consultant, you are helping individuals or businesses achieve specific goals, improve performance, or solve problems.

Events and Masterminds

Organizing events and masterminds can be highly rewarding side gigs for physicians. 

They can share their expertise and connect with peers through seminars, workshops, and medical conferences.

These events could either be in-person or increasingly virtual.

Masterminds are groups that have a well-defined focus.

Such groups could cover areas like professional development for physicians, stress management, work-life balance, or any areas where physicians can benefit from mutual support and learning.

My Personal Journey With Digital Marketing

I am a surgeon with a keen entrepreneurial interest.

My digital marketing journey started in 2018 when I bought an online course.

I then honed my marketing skills by promoting software and online courses through affiliate marketing.

The bedrock of digital marketing is content creation.

I write reviews on this blog and have content on social media and YouTube.

I have also built an email list for email marketing.

My digital marketing side gig has grown into a six-figure business.

I have scaled into coaching and consulting and am just finishing an online course.

Apart from earning extra income, it was important for me to develop an interest outside of medicine.

This allows me to reduce the stress and burnout that are rampant in the profession.

My other passion is personal finance and investment.

I have published a personal finance book to help anyone build wealth through long-term investment in the stock market.

Learning Digital Marketing Skills For Physicians

Digital marketing skills are a different world from what we are taught in medical school.

The first and most important step for any doctor looking to start a side hustle in digital marketing is to learn it through an online course.

This requires an investment in both time and money.

Fortunately, the costs are not prohibitive and are easily affordable for doctors.

I would recommend the 15-Day Online Business Builder Challenge as the starting point.

This training, which I have gone through myself, is provided by Legendary Marketer.

Legendary Marketer is an Inc. 5000 US educational services company that delivers digital marketing training.

The Business Builder Challenge is a beginner training that costs $7.00 and is delivered by the founder and CEO, David Sharpe.

You will learn high-income skills to build an online business, like:

  • Lead generation
  • Email marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Website building
  • Sales funnel building
  • Sales and presenting

Following this taster course, invest in the more advanced Business Blueprints, which cost $2,500.

They provide a detailed step-by-step guide to building a digital marketing business in the four core niches:

  • High-ticket affiliate marketing
  • Digital products,
  • Coaching and consulting
  • Events and masterminds

This is all the training you need to launch your online business.

Coaching and Mentorship For Physician Side Gigs

For physicians looking to start a digital marketing side gig, I provide 1 to 1 coaching and mentorship services.

These will help shorten your runway to learn the skills required to grow a successful online business.

The first step is a free 30-minute strategy call for an insight into your needs, offer guidance, and outline a strategy.

Contact me through the email address at the end of this page with the heading, “Physician Coaching & Mentorship “.

Content Creation For Physician Side Gigs

To be successful with digital marketing as a physician side gig, content creation is essential.

There are three primary ways to create content:

  • Text: If you love writing, you could create a blog.
  • Video: Visual content through both short-form and long-form videos is the most popular way to create content today. Short-form videos are ideal for social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. You can also build a YouTube channel.
  • Voice: The third arm of content creation is through Podcasts. These have exploded in popularity in the last few years.

For a beginner, it is advisable to choose one platform and go all in.

If you are good at writing, start a blog. If you are comfortable in front of the camera, start a YouTube channel. If you love talking, a podcast may suit you.

Essential Software For Physician Side Gigs

Software is essential to building your digital marketing physician side hustle.

Here is a list of some of the software I have either used or would recommend:

Final Thoughts

As physician side gigs go, digital marketing is well suited to the busy schedule of doctors.

It takes time and effort to start, grow, and scale an online business.

They can run on autopilot, allowing you to concentrate on your professional duties.

By building a business outside medicine, you distance yourself from the various stifling regulatory bodies like medical boards and practice regulations.

A side gig can help you realize your financial goals much quicker and provide both financial and time independence.

If you are ready to build a digital marketing side gig, get started with the 15-Day Online Business Builder Challenge.

Digital marketing physician side gigs provide an opportunity for physicians to earn extra income by building a profitable online business as a side hustle, leveraging digital marketing high-income skills like lead generation, email marketing, website building, sales funnel building, social media marketing, content marketing, sales, and presenting. Doctors can acquire these skills through online courses like the Legendary Marketer 15-Day Online Business Builder Challenge.

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Digital Marketing Physician Side Gigs

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