Thinkific Review [2024]: A Comprehensive Guide for Entrepreneurs

Thinkific is a comprehensive all-in-one online learning and knowledge commerce platform to create and sell online courses, build communities, and monetize memberships.

If you want to share your knowledge and expertise with the world, Thinkific will help you fulfill your goals.

Thinkific is a learning management system (LMS) that helps entrepreneurs to turn their passion into a business.

This blog post will explore the features of Thinkific, user experience, and target audience.

We will also look at customer support, pricing plans and alternative platforms.

Thinkific is a comprehensive all-in-one online learning platform to create and sell online courses, build communities, and monetize memberships.

It was founded in 2012 by Greg Smith, Matt Payne, and Miranda Lievers.

In addition to providing an LMS platform, Thinkific gives users complete control over their content and data.

Thinkific also offers powerful branding for businesses.

Thinkific Features

Online Courses

Thinkific is known for its powerful online course-building platform.

It has an intuitive course builder for users to add videos, quizzes, assignments, and other educational content.

Website Builder

A website will help content creators promote their online courses.

Thinkific provides customizable themes to create websites with no coding skills.


Thinkific has a built-in facility to simplify the selling and promotion of digital products.

All credit cards are accepted and the checkout process is simple and secure.

Creators can control their pricing and revenue.

Student Support

Students can share feedback about their learning experiences.

They can be offered digital completion certificates to serve as proof of learning.

Progress reports provide help monitor the performance of students.

They can be assessed across different course modules or sections.

This will help instructors to tailor teaching strategies accordingly.

You can also create learning communities on Thinfific.

Custom Domains

An important decision when setting up your course is choosing a domain name that aligns with your brand.

With Thinkific, you can easily link your courses to custom domains.

Affiliate Marketing

Thinkific has affiliate marketing capability.

This allows creators to use affiliates to promote and sell their online courses.


Thinkific’s scalability allows businesses to evolve as their needs change.

With flexible pricing plans and advanced features, users can seamlessly transition to more robust solutions as their audience and business grow.

Integration With Third-Party Platforms

Thinkific integrates smoothly with a variety of popular tools such as Zoom for webinars and online classes.

It also connects with email marketing software like ActiveCampaign.

You can also integrate Google Analytics to collect analytical data and Facebook Pixel for ad targeting.

Who is Thinkific for?

The following groups will benefit from Thinkific:

Professionals and educators looking to share their expertise.

Business owners and entrepreneurs who want to leverage online courses to generate additional revenue.

Online courses also help to establish authority, and leadership, and grow a brand.

Thinkific will also suit coaches and mentors like personal development and fitness trainers.

Educational institutions can deliver distance learning programs through Thinkific.

Others that can grow on Thinkific are content creators, bloggers, YouTubers, and influencers who can monetize their content through the platform.

User Experience

Thinkific provides both online and phone support.

There is a very helpful knowledge base with self-help articles and tutorials.

You can download a recent report on the 5 Biggest Digital Learning Trends here.

Thinkific Academy provides free courses to guide first-time course creators.

One of the popular free courses, Turn Your Passion Into Profit, teaches how to create and sell an online course in 4 days.

They show how to create, market, and sell online courses and communities.

There is a Creator Community where users can interact with each other, share ideas and learn from each other.

Thinkific Accelerator Program

You can speed up your learning with the Thinkific Accelerator Program.

It is an 8-week interactive training that provides the tools, community, and mentorship to quickly and confidently sell digital courses.

The program is valued at $499 USD and included free with all the paid plans.

Pricing Plans

Thinkific offers four pricing plans catering to the different needs and budgets of business owners.

Free Plan

The free plan allows new users to test the platform.

No credit card is required.

It allows for only one course, one admin, and one community including two spaces per community.

You can have unlimited students, 30-day email, and chatbot support.

Users have access to the course and website builders and the fully integrated e-commerce facility.

They have 100% ownership of their content.

You can use the app store and offer quizzes and surveys.

The free plan also gives full access to the free courses within the Thinkific Academy.

Basic Plan

The Basic plan provides more features and tools.

It costs $36 per month if billed annually or $49 per month for monthly subscriptions.

You get free access to the Accelerator Program.

Users can create unlimited courses and enroll an unlimited number of students.

The plan provides for one community with up to five distinct spaces, each offering targeted content and interactions.

You can assign one dedicated administrator.

Thinkific does not charge transaction fees.

Users get email and live chat support.

In addition to the features in the free plan, users can add custom domains, offer coupons and discounts and set up an affiliate program.

Start Plan

The Start plan provides free access to the Accelerator Program, unlimited courses, and students.

It allows for one community with 10 spaces and one administrator.

There are no transaction charges.

Email and live chat support are available.

In addition to the features in the Basic plan, Starter plan users can deliver their content through mobile devices.

They can create assignments, offer bundles and add-on packages to enhance course value.

Other features include the ability to offer flexible payment options and live lessons.

There are advanced course-building tools.

Users can customize their websites with advanced website code editing.

The Start plan costs $74 per month if billed annually or $99 per month for monthly payments.

Grow Plan

The Grow Plan costs $149 per month for annual billing and $199 per month for monthly payments.

Like all the paid plans, you get access to the Accelerator Program, can create unlimited courses, and admit unlimited students.

You can create three communities with 20 spaces,

TwoAdministrators can be deployed to run the learning program.

There are no transaction fees you have access to phone and priority email support plus Thinkific mobile.

Some extras include bulk student emailing and enrollment.

There is also API access to integrate other software.

Pros and Cons Of Thinkific


One major advantage of Thinkific is the free plan.

This gives users the opportunity to test out its features before committing financially.

There is excellent support through phone, live chat, and email.

Custom domains give entrepreneurs full control over their branding.

The platform is user-friendly and the platform supports various types of courses.

It also allows users to customize their course websites and also integrate them with multimedia content.

The mobile app extends its reach.

The in-built marketing and sales tools provide a one-stop solution for creators.

You can gain useful analytics about student performance and create online communities to foster engagement.

The pricing plans allow businesses to scale and add more functionality.


The free plan is a great place to start but only allows one online course and very limited features and support.

Though Thinkific has an integrated email marketing system, complex automation may require a 3rd party software like ActiveCampaign.

Alternatives To Thinkific


Teachable is probably the first alternative users compare to Thinkific.

It offers similar features to Thinkific.

However, unlike Thinkific, Teachable applies transaction fees to both the lower tier free and Basic plans.


Kajabi, similar to Thinkific, is an all-in-one platform to create online courses.

It has robust email marketing tools and website-building capability.

Kajabi has multiple integrated features but is relatively more expensive than Thinkific.

Talent LMS

For cost-conscious users, Talent LMS provides many of the same functionalities as Thinkfic at lower price points.

it has a very simple and easy-to-use interface.


Moodle is an open-source learning management system.

It gives tech-savvy educators much flexibility by allowing them to modify their platforms according to their specific requirements.

FAQs About Thinkific

What is Thinkific good for?

Thinkific excels at providing a comprehensive platform for entrepreneurs to create, market, and sell online courses.

It is perfect for educators seeking full control over their content and student data.

Is Thinkific worth it?

Absolutely. With its robust features like custom domains, affiliate selling, third-party integrations, and excellent customer support – all at competitive pricing plans – Thinkific offers great value.

Is Thinkific better than Teachable?

Both are top-tier platforms.

Thinkific may have more customization and student engagement tools.

Also, Thinkific does not charge transaction fees.

Can you make money with Thinkific?

Certainly. By creating engaging courses on in-demand topics and leveraging the built-in marketing tools of Thinkific effectively, one can generate substantial income.

Final Thoughts

Thinkific is an all-in-one knowledge commerce platform.

It is designed to give anyone the power to create, market, and sell digital products online without technical skills.

Thinkific’s intuitive suite of tools makes it easy to build a unique online brand without having to hire designers or developers.

It has an active and diverse community of entrepreneurs you can seek help from.

This is in addition to their excellent customer support.

Use the 30-day free trial to see if Thinkific is the right platform for you.

Thinkific is a comprehensive all-in-one online learning and knowledge commerce platform to create and sell online courses, build communities, and monetize memberships.

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Thinkific Review [2024]: A Comprehensive Guide for Entrepreneurs

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