Legendary Marketer Pricing 2024: How Much Do Products Cost?

Legendary Marketer Pricing Review for the digital marketing educational products that teach how to start a high profit online business in 4 core niches

This Legendary Marketer pricing review will look at how much the Legendary Marketer products and courses cost in 2021.

Legendary Marketer has a collection of digital marketing educational products at different pricing levels.

There are front end foundational products for anyone looking to start an online business.

These are complemented by higher value products that provide more in-depth training.

The Legendary Marketer product mix and pricing are regularly updated.

These are the current Legendary Marketer product pricing as we go into 2021 and will be reviewed and updated as necessary.

Legendary Marketer logo for the digital marketing educational company that teaches how to build a high profit online business

Legendary Marketer is a digital marketing education company.

Their products are focused on teaching the skills and strategies to start and grow a high margin and high profit freelance digital marketing business.

In that respect, the training is directed at the four core high ticket online business models – affiliate marketing, digital products (courses), Masterminds and Events and Coaching and Consulting.

There is a value ladder approach to these courses.

Generally people start with entry level front end foundational  products.

They then have the option to get detailed training through higher value and therefore higher priced products.

Below is a summary of the pricing and cost of Legendary Marketer products in 2021.

Legendary Marketer Pricing Summary

Legendary Marketer Affiliate program has 2 commission tiers for the high ticket products - the Basic that pays 10-30% and the PRO pays 30-60% but PRO affiliateS pay $29.95 monthly. Earnings potential of up to $2850 per sale

Overview of Legendary Marketer Front-End Products

15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge

The 15-day Online Business Builder Challenge is a Legendary Marketer program that prepares individuals to start a business and begin earning money online in 15 days.

The 15-Day Online Business Builder is the flagship entry product if you are looking to start your digital marketing education with Legendary Marketer.

It is a comprehensive daily video training to help you start an online business in 15 days.

You will learn the foundational skills to start and grow a high ticket and high margin freelance digital business.

There are daily assignments to complete. 

You also work with a Business Plan Advisor who will personally assist you to develop and implement a business plan.

The training costs $7.00.

You can get business training as a free bonus when you buy the other frontend products .

The Affiliate Marketing eBook, Copywriters Playbook and the TikTok 15 Second Free Leads course all give you free access to the training.

Insider's Guide To Affiliate Marketing Ebook

The Insider's Guide To Affiliate Marketing is an ebook from David Sharpe of Legendary Marketer that gives you all the secrets and strategies to build a successful online business in affiliate marketing.

This affiliate marketing eBook  by Dave Sharpe is made up of 12 chapters and over 90 pages.

It is packed with so much value way beyond the $1.99 price tag.

I have personally gone through the book and highly recommend it.

It is a must read for anyone serious about growing a successful online business through high ticket affiliate marketing.

As a bonus, you will get access to the 15-Day Online Business Builder Challenge.

TikTok Course - 15 Second Free Leads

Legendary Marketer 15 Second Free Leads is a course on how to generate free leads on on the social media platform, TikTok

The 15 Second Free Leads is a $1.00 course on how to generate unlimited free leads by posting short videos on TikTok.

With the increasing popularity of TikTok for free lead generation, this course is well timed.

It offers specific strategies on how to get started on TikTok .

You will learn how to set up your profile to maximize traffic generation.

In addition, you will discover how to find content ideas.

As a bonus, you will get access to the 15-Day Online Business Builder Challenge.

Copywriters Playbook

The Copywriters Playbook is a powerful copywriting course to learn to write high converting copy.

The Copywriters Playbook is a $1.00 course.

Like the Affiliate Marketing book, it is delivered into your Legendary Marketer back office.

You will learn the tips and tricks to develop copywriting skills.

In addition, you will also get access to the 15-Day Online Business Builder Challenge.

Dave also offers several copywriting bonuses within the package.

Overview of Legendary Marketer High Ticket Products

One of the strengths of Legendary Marketer is the value ladder approach to digital marketing education.

Having consumed the training provided in the front-end products, students have the option to progress to more in-depth training with the high ticket offers.

Legendary Marketers Club

The Legendary Marketers Club is a subscription based training on starting an online business with weekly live coaching webinars, training from entrepreneurs and access to training replays

The Legendary Marketers Club  is the flagship subscription training program costing $30 per month.

It is packed with educational resources to start, grow and scale an online business.

Matt Heltzel, the Chief Marketing Officer at Legendary, holds live weekly marketing training webinars.

You will also have access to an exclusive interview with Kevin Harrington.

He was one of the original Sharks on the Shark Tank TV show.

There is also a class each month taught by 6 and 7 figure experts related to marketing, sales and management.

You can watch and learn from replays.

Some classes that stand out are:

  • “The Journey To 250,000 YouTube Subscribers” by Nathan Lucas.
  • “Sales Secrets From The 5-Billion Dollar Man”
  • “27 Tips To Start and Scale Your Business” by Jacob Caris, the creator of the Super Affiliate Accelerator.

He chronicles the strategies that took him from zero to 6-figures online while juggling a busy corporate full time job.

For anyone working a job and hustling their business on the side, it provides a roadmap to escape your 9-5 and go 100% online.

You will also have access to a 4 video sales and marketing training -“What To Do And Say To Sell More Stuff.”

Legendary Marketer Business Blueprints

The Legendary Marketer Business Blueprints consists of training bundles for affiliate marketing, digital products creation, masterminds and events and coaching.

The Legendary Marketer Business Blueprints are high ticket training programs offered as upsells during the 15-Day Business Builder Challenge.

They are based on the 4 core high leverage and high ticket business models that tick all the 3 boxes of Jay Abraham’s “profit activators”.

These are taught in Module 2 of the 15-Day Business Builder Challenge.

Jay Abraham teaches that there are 3 factors that determine the profitability of any business.

They need to:

  • Get more customers
  • Do repeat business with these customers, and 
  • Sell high ticket products to increase revenue.
The Legendary Events and Masterminds Business Blueprint is a complete training for anyone looking to set a mastermind and events business online or offline

The 4 core business models based on these profit activators are:

  • High Ticket Affiliate Marketing
  • Digital products
  • Coaching and Consulting
  • Events and Masterminds.

There are 4 core Legendary Marketer Business Blueprint Training platforms:

  • Affiliate Business Blueprint
  • Course or Digital Products Blueprint
  • Mastermind Blueprint
  • Coaching Business Blueprint

The Starter Business Blueprints Package has all the 4 core bundles.

On day 5 of the 15-Day Business Builder Challenge training,  you will have the opportunity to purchase all the business bundles in the Starter Package for $2,500.

The Events and Mastermind Business Blueprint costs $4500.

It has everything in the Starter Package plus Traffic University and a Marketer Mastermind Ticket.

Traffic University as a standalone product costs $1,497.

You will learn how to plan, host and monetize your life event or mastermind.

The Coaching Business Blueprint has all the Mastermind Blueprint features plus a year of coaching with Dave.

You also get some personalised videos from Dave.

The Coaching Business Blueprint costs $9,500.

All the Business Blueprint bundles give you access to the “Decade in a Day” Live Workshop.

This is an all day virtual workshop hosted by Dave and Matt .

The focus is on setting up compliant Facebook ad campaigns. 

You will receive the ad copy and images after the training.

Matt also holds weekly live webinars for Business Blueprint members.

Traffic University

Legendary Marketer Traffic University is a comprehensive bundle of nine different courses on lead generation that teaches how to build compliant social media marketing campaigns with paid ads

This is a comprehensive bundle of nine different courses on lead generation.

You will learn how to build compliant social media marketing campaigns with paid ads.

The training is conducted by Justin Brooke’s AdSkills company.

It covers ads on Google, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, GDN (Google Display Network) and Twitter.

Omni Branding Formula

Create 7-Days Of Social Media Content In 1-Hour.

This training will help you establish a brand on social media.

You can create media content in an hour.

This can be shared on the social media platforms where your dream customers are congregated.

The strategy models after the most successful and proven online marketing campaigns.

Legendary Marketer Live Events

Legendary Marketer Mastermind

This popular event is usually held in a luxurious mansion and seels out very quickly.

Like any Mastermind live event, you meet and learn face to face from infuential and successful entrepreneurs.

With the restriction on trave due to the pandemic, there are virtual Masterminds every 2-3 months.

Final Thoughts For Legendary Marketer Pricing

Legendary Marketer has some of the best educational products for anyone looking to build a high margin online business.

The $7 15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge is the starting point to get the foundational high income skills.

The Business Blueprints and Marketers Club are optional but highly recommended products for more detailed and in-depth training.

The pricing is reasonable in relation to the value provided in these courses.

The value can only be extracted if you take action and implement what is learnt.

So if are looking to join Legendary Marketer, follow the link below to join the 15 Day Business Builder Challenge.

Legendary Marketer Pricing Review for the digital marketing educational products that teach how to start a high profit online business in 4 core niches.

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