Dean Graziosi: The Mastermind Genius Behind Self-Education

I decided to take a closer look at Dean Graziosi after two recent events.

This followed my review of his latest book, The Underdog Advantage, and the blockbuster self-learning course, Knowledge Broker Blueprint.

His rise from poverty to entrepreneurial pre-eminence drew my attention.

Together with his sincerity and keenness to help people achieve their life potential. 

Dean Graziosi has touched the lives of millions of people all over the world through his books, social media, charitable work, multiple courses and masterminds.

Here’s what I’m going to cover in this profile on Dean Graziosi:

Dean Graziosi is a businessman, entrepreneur, New York Times best selling author and inspirational speaker who lives in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Those in the USA will know him for his daily late night informercial television show for nearly 15 years where he offered his real estate books direct to consumers.

He is a real estate expert and educator.

Dean started Motor Millions and Think A Little Different, business-opportunity infomercials that teach people how to make money with cars and real estate. 

As a success and business coach, his courses and live events are directed at building a positive mindset for success.

This is also reflected in his books which have sold millions of copies.

Dean is an inspirational proponent of the power of mastermind groups in entrepreneurial success .

His current major drive is to empower individuals through self-learning and self-education.

Dean’s has two children from his first marriage to Jonelle Ward, daughter Breana born in 2006 and son Brody born two years later.

He married his second wife, Lisa Palacios, in August 2019 .

At the time of writing they were expecting their first baby.

He contributes regularly  to good causes.

In 2014, he donated $100,000 to Feeding America, a US-based non-profit organization.

Dean Graziosi is a multi-millionaire entrepreneur, success coach, real estate investor and multiple New York Time best selling author of Millionaire Success Habits & The Underdog Advantage

Dean's Background

Much of what is written about his early days come from his biography.

Graziosi was born on 20 November 1968 in Marlboro New York to Paul Graziosi and Gloria Post who came from an Italian family background.

He is the youngest of two, having an older sister.

One can only imagine the impact on his life when his parents divorced when he was three.

Life in those early years was of constant movement.

He recounts moving more than 20 times by the age of 19.

He lived with his late grandmother, Carmella Fanizzi Post, then his mum and stepdad and then with his dad when he was twelve.

His mother worked tirelessly two jobs to support the family.

His mother’s hardship inspired him to achieve success in life and support her.

In the Underdog Advantage, he narrates the first 6 months with his dad.

They lived in the bathroom because it was small enough to heat with an electric heater.

There was no heat in the rest of the house.

So growing up for Dean was tough as the family faced financial difficulties.

Handicapped by a learning disability, he attended Marlboro High School but never went to college.

One can picture a life where all the odds are stacked against you.

No job, no degree, no money and no family that could support him.

His first foray into entrepreneurship started with buying, fixing and reselling cars before the age of 20 to help pay the bills.

He had no start up capital, but got into real estate through buying a derelict apartment without having to put a deposit down.

This was the beginning of his passion for real estate.

The rest as they say is now history.

Dean Robert Graziosi is an American entrepreneur, marketer, success coach, business owner, real estate investor, leading trainer and author of The Underdog Advantage. He co-produced the Knowledge Broker Blueprint course.

What is In Dean's Portfolio?

Dean is a tireless, hard working entrepreneur. 

His challenging childhood left him with a desire to find success on many levels.

His is the quintessential underdog story and American dream.

Underdogs are relentlessly resourceful, have nothing to lose and never give up.

These qualities seem to drive him.

You will receive emails, podcasts, videos and other marketing material from him daily.

And you fear you will be missing out if you don’t open them.

Purely because he provides so much value and quality offers.

Everything is thought out and geared to helping the recipients.

He is omnipresent on social media, YouTube and Instagram.

His business portfolio is massive, extending from real estate to books, courses, training and masterminds.

Dean Enterprises LLC, formed in 2002, is the creation and production company for his real estate information products and informercials.

Let us examine some of the areas in his business ventures and investments.

Dean Robert Graziosi is an American entrepreneur, marketer, success coach, business owner, real estate investor, leading trainer and author of The Underdog Advantage. He co-produced the Knowledge Broker Blueprint course


Motor Millions

Motor Millions was Dean Graziosi’s first course which he released in 1998.

His inspiration came from buying and studying a course from Tony Robbins.

That led him to buying courses from other notable entrpreneurs like Carlton Sheets, Don Lapre, Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Eckart Tolle and John Wooden.

This was the beginning of his foray into self-education.

After much effort he produced Motor Millions – a step by step process on how to to make money with used cars just like he did.

For marketing, he once again went into self-learning mode to produce his first informercial for television.

Success Academy

His ability to build masterminds started with the “Dean Graziosi Success Academy.”

This he started in 2003 as a coaching program to teach real estate investing to both the novice and experienced investor.

It proved very successful and was rebranded the “Success Academy” in October 2006.

Underground Millionaire Mastermind

Dean Graziosi grasped quite early in his career, the tremendous power of masterminds to positively grow both personal development and wealth.

The Underground Millionaire Mastermind, rebranded Underdog Advantage Mastermind, is one of Dean’s notable exclusive groups.

Entrepreneurs receive training on success habits and strategy.

They learn how to work collectively to grow and sale their businesses.

The DG Inner Circle

Members of the DG Inner Circle receive training and coaching directly from Dean every monh.

Dean shares his strategies, latest breakthroughs and tactics with this exclusive small club.

Dean Graziosi’s passion for masterminds and self-education has come to the fore in the creation of the massively successful Knowledge Broker Blueprint course otherwise called KBB.

This is a collaboration with Tony Robbins and Russell Brunson, the CEO and co-founder of ClickFunnels, an acclaimed marketing genius.

They share the principles behind the KBB Method in a virtual training event.

Dean is the driving force behind the program. 

Known as the Knowledge Business Blueprint during it’s first iteration in 2019, it has been rebranded as the Knowledge Broker Blueprint for the February 2020 KBB 2.0 launch.

KBB 1.0 was the biggest ever online course launch.

Over 24,000 people in more than 150 countries and 4000+ niches are using the KBB method to impact people’s lives.

KBB 2.0 is a 6 module training that taps into the 355 million per day knowledge industry.

It feeds into the powerful shift towards self-education and self-learning by equipping people with the tools to unleash their talent and potential.

The traditional form of education is expensive and often produces dissatisfied individuals unsure what to do with their degrees.

Many people want the autonomy to self-learn, when they wish and on their own terms.

In that respect, the KBB method offers the strategy and implementation to use what you know to get into the next level of success and impact.

KBB has the potential to change millions of lives and will be Dean’s most successful course and mastermind.

Real Estate

Dean does hundreds of real estate deals yearly through JBB Enterprises.

Dean Enterprises is the vehicle for his real estate information products.

Most of his early books were directed at helping people achieve similar success to him. 

Dean Graziosi Books

Dean Graziosi is a prolific writer with several best selling books to his name.

They cover real estate, personal development, entrepreneurship and mindset.

The central theme is to empower people to cultivate a winning mentality.

Totally Fulfilled

Totally Fulfilled was Dean’s first book.

Published in May 2006, it became a NY Times best seller.

In thee book, Dean provides the tools to achieve success in all aspects of your life drawing on his personal experiences.

Real Estate Books

Dean’s second book was  “Be A Real Estate Millionaire: Secret Strategies for Lifetime Wealth Today.”

It was the fastest and best-selling real estate book of 2007 and 2008 and made the bestseller lists of the New York TIMES, USA Today, the Wall Street Journal and

His third book  in January 2009, “Profit From Real Estate Right Now” was a step-by-step guide to start a profitable investment.

It was an immediate hit, and within 90 days it was surpassing the monthly sales of his previous bestseller.

“30 Days To Real Estate Cash” shows the strategies to start a successful real estate business in 30 days.

Another popular real estate book was “Your Town Your Profits.” 

Millionaire Success Habits

Originally published in 2016, and updated in January 2019, Millionaire Success Habits: The Gateway To Wealth & Prosperity became an instant hit and has sold over 700,000 copies.

It is a self-help, personal development and mindset book.

It is designed to take you from where you are in life, to where you want to be through daily ‘Success Habits’ you can implement in your life.

What you learn from the book is that you do not need to add more time to your day.

Instead you need to replace negative influences that are not serving your future with success habits.

These habits are designed to assist you on your journey to that better you.

Published in December 2019, the Underdog Advantage may well turn out to be his best ever.

Again drawing from his own experiences, Dean shows how you can turn what is perceived as a disadvantage into an unfair advantage in your life.

It is a powerful book I have returned to several times to capture some of the inspirational themes.

Everyone has an underdog story at some time in their lives. For some it is ever present.

This self-help and mindset book gives you the lessons and strategy to turn the tables and build on your strengths.

Better Life Journal

Dean Graziosi is the author of the Better Life Journal.

He desribes this as the only journal available today that teaches you a simple process to eliminate procrastination, stress and overwhelm by guiding you through 5 simple steps to maximize your creativity and rapidly achieve your goals.

How Much Is Dean Graziosi Worth?

This is obviously a difficult question to answer since no one can be privy to his personal finances.

We are all agreed Dean Graziosi is a millionaire.

But by how much?.

He admitted to having achieved over a billion dollars in sales in 2019 from all his businesses and brands.

His home, a luxury mansion in Paradise Valley, Phoenix, cost $7 million.

Dean’s net worth was estimated at $43 million in 2019.

It is very likely to have grown from all the success he achieved in 2019.

Final Thoughts

Dean Graziosi is the classical underdog story.

His life and achievements are a testament to the ability of the human mind to overcome adversity.

He is an inspiration to everyone who feel the odds stacked against them are insurmoutible.

With hard work, focus, application and fortitude you can achieve your wildest dreams and overcome your highest obstacles.

In so doing, you can impact so many people’s lives like Dean has and continues to do.

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Dean Robert Graziosi is an American entrepreneur, marketer, success coach, business owner, real estate investor, leading trainer and author of The Underdog Advantage. He co-produced the Knowledge Broker Blueprint course

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