Traffic Secrets Review [2024] – (How To Attract Your Dream Customer)

This review accompanies the Traffic Secrets Book by Russell Brunson which was launched on March 17 2020.

This is a blockbuster of a book – all 98,000 words!

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Do you really understand the secrets behind traffic?

You have built your funnel or website…

There are incredible offers and lead magnets.

The hook, story and offer are all top notch.

How do you get people to see your stuff and buy from you?

You need to understand traffic secrets – the nuggets of knowledge to make sales in your business.

This review of Traffic Secrets will cover the following:

Traffic is all about attracting your DREAM customers to your funnel.

This process is called “driving traffic.”

Fundamentally, traffic is about people. 

To understand traffic you need to understand human behaviour and psychology.

As an entrepreneur, looking to drive traffic to your funnel, you need to answer the following questions?

Who is your target market?

This goes beyond standard demographics and can be narrowed down to very specific niches to target your ads.

Where can you find your target market?

Where are your dream customers on the internet?

Are there assemblies, groups or congregations of people that share similar characteristics.

Your job is to find these group of people and target them with your offer.

How can you drive traffic to your funnel?

Your ads have to be designed to grab the attention of your dream customer. 

This could be through headlines that are likely to draw people’s attention or some amazing offer.

The ultimate aim is to drive traffic to your landing page and present them with an attractive offer or bait.

I recommend you read Dot Com Secrets to fully understand these concepts.

What Are The Types Of Traffic?

Traditionally people talk about traffic being either paid or organic.

In Dot Com Secrets, Russel Brunson talks about 3 types of traffic:

There is traffic you:

  • Control
  • Don’t control, or
  • Own

Behaviour Based Traffic

In a practical sense, I prefer the description based on human or traffic behaviour.

I like the concept of either SEARCH or INTERRUPTION traffic.

Search Traffic

Search traffic are people looking for an answer or solution to a problem or NEED.

They have a problem and are searching for a solution.

Search marketing is about solving problems! 

This traffic is usually hot and ready to buy.

If you present the solution to them, in a simple and easily understood manner, they are likely to buy if within their budget.

You usually have to pay for search traffic typically through Google, Bing and YouTube ads.

Interruption Traffic

Interruption traffic is based on DESIRE.

Typically people are scrolling on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Linkedin and get interrupted by your ad.

They were not searching for the offer you are presenting…

….but are drawn to your funnel through desire.

Your offer has to be attractive enough to distract them.

What Is Traffic Secrets?

These are the golden nuggets of traffic.

Traffic is people, human beings!

Above all …traffic is behaviour based!

Master these concepts and traffic will not be as complicated as people make out.

These are the Traffic Secrets!

Traffic Secrets Training Course

Traffic Secrets training is the brainchild of John Reese.

You remember John Reese?

The guy that made history by making sales of over a million bucks in one day when he launched the Traffic Secrets course.

He created the massive traffic generation home study course called Traffic Secrets.

Russell Brunson, the CEO of ClickFunnels recently bought Traffic Secrets.

Traffic Secrets is one of the biggest internet marketing courses in history.

You will learn traffic generation strategies.

Almost every online marketing guru has gone through the training.

Traffic Secrets Book By Russell Brunson. Coming March 17. Be One Of The First To Get A Copy #trafficsecrets #trafficsecretsbook

Traffic Secrets Membership

This is what you get when you login into membership area of this massive CD Rom Training:

1: The Foundation
2: Market Discovery
3: Copywriting Secrets
4: Keyword Science
5: Email Marketing Tactics
6: Borrowing Traffic
7: Shopping Engines and Amazon
8: Traffic Formulas
9: Buying Media and Sponsorships
10: Google Adwords
11: Podcasts and Broadcasts
12: Mobile App Marketing
13: Software and Widgets
14: Facebook Ads
15: Traffic Retargeting
16: International Opportunities
17: Social Media Strategies
18: Traffic Recycling
19: Google SEO
20: Building a Content Factory
21: Content Curation Methods
22: Youtube Marketing
23: Expansion and Scalability
24: The Masterplan

How Much Is Traffic Secrets Training?

Now how much will you be prepared to pay for all this training?

Well, the original Traffic Secrets course sold for almost a thousand dollars.

Traffic Secrets costs $297.

How Do I Get Traffic Secrets Training?

There are 2 ways to get Traffic Secrets Membership and training: 

1.) The first is by going through the Dot Com Secrets Funnel, and the second…

2.) Through Funnel Builder Secrets.

Buy Traffic Secrets Through DotCom Secrets Funnel

You can purchase Traffic Secrets when you go through the DotCom Secrets funnel.

It is one of the upsells offered in the funnel.

Other products in the funnel include the Black Box which has both Expert Secrets and DotCom Secrets….

… 3 funnel bundle, the audiobook and Funnel Builder Secrets.

Get Traffic Secrets Through Funnel Builder Secrets

Funnel Builder Secrets is the only special deal from ClickFunnels for the unlimited funnels Platinum Plan which comes with the FunnelFlix library of courses and trainings.

There are two packages of 6 and 12 months of ClickFunnels Platinum costing $1997 and $2997 respectively.

Both come with Traffic Secrets Membership as a bonus.

Traffic Secrets Book Review

Traffic Secrets from Russell Brunson is to be released in mARCH 2020.

Following on from the two blockbusters, DotCom Secrets and Expert Secrets,Traffic Secrets will complete Secrets Trilogy.

From Traffic Secrets you will learn strategies to drive traffic to your funnel.

You will learn how to generate leads and sales for your online business…

…by applying the founding principles of direct marketing, from the $100M entrepreneur and author of DotCom Secrets and Expert Secrets. 

Going by the other two books, this is guaranteed to be another best seller…

…with tons of valuable information to generate traffic to your funnels and websites.

DotCom Secrets and Expert Secrets have sold over 250,000 copies.

Traffic Secrets Book Pricing

Following precedent, Traffic Secrets will be offered free.

You will only have to cover shipping and handling.

It will cost $26.99 on Amazon.

The Secrets Trilogy

To add to to the excitement, he is adding about 100 extra pages each to both DotCom Secrets and Expert Secrets and they will  be republished hardbound.

The 3 books will be presented in a box set as The Secrets Trilogy.

Now, I am very excited about this.

DotCom Secrets and Expert Secrets have both played a major part in my online entreprenerial journey.

Anyone serious about entrepreneurship and in particular online business MUST read both books.

Be One Of The First To Get Traffic Secrets Book

I am looking forward to reading the Traffic Secrets book once published in September 2019…

…plus the new editions of DotCom Secrets and Expert Secrets.

Get on the waiting list via the link below to receive updates about the Traffic Secrets book…

…and to be one of the first people to get a copy when published.

DotCom Secrets Book - The Framework

Learn the framework to build a successful business online and  how to use funnels to grow your company.

Expert Secrets - The Fire

Expert Secrets helps entrepreneurs to learn how to tell their stories, build their tribes and persuade people to follow them.

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Traffic Secrets Review [2024] - (How To Attract Your Dream Customer)

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