DotCom Secrets Review – Ultimate Guide To Building Sales Funnels

With the publication of Traffic Secrets in May 2020, Russell Brunson has updated and published a new hard copy edition of DotCom Secrets.

Russell added about 60,000 words to the original edition which was already a best seller. 

Together with the new edition of Expert Secrets and Traffic Secrets, they form the Secrets Trilogy which comes in a hardcover box set.

DotCom Secrets is one of the best marketing books you cannot afford not to read.

It complements Expert Secrets and Traffic Secrets.

Whereas Expert Secrets is the art that shows you how to position yourself so people will pay you for your knowledge, talent and skills…

…DotCom Secrets provides the science to building your online business.

Traffic Secrets is the fuel that drives your dream customers to your funnels.

This is what this New DotComSecrets review will cover:

Russell Brunson is the CEO and co-founder of the software company, ClickFunnels.

He is acknowledged as a marketing genius.

ClickFunnels, as I will show later, is today one of the fastest growing software companies in the world, a feat achieved without venture capital.

Russell has published and sold over 400,000 copies of his marketing books.

As of 2020, his training, teaching and software have created 789 millionaires who are in his exclusive Two Comma Club.

Russell Brunson is a marketing genius, Co-Founder of ClickFunnels, the sales funnel software company and author of the books, Expert Secrets, DotCom Secrets, Traffic Secrets and Network Marketing Secrets

What Is The New DotCom Secrets Book?

DotCom Secrets was Russell Brunson’s first book. 

Published in 2015, it came to represent the must read marketing book for internet marketers and has sold over 200,000 copies.

DotCom Secrets was published soon after  Russell Brunson launched his software company, ClickFunnels.

The book was a step by step underground playbook on how any company could use sales funnels to grow their leads and sales.

In the new DotCom Secrets, Russell Brunson draws on the phenomenal growth of ClickFunnels.

In 3 short years, ClickFunnels grew by over 4,232% to become number 76 on the INC 500 list of the fastest growing private companies in the USA .

In that period ClickFunnels became the 7th fastest growing software company…

….had the 10th highest gross  revenues in the top 100 comapnies, and…

…was the #1 fastest growing software company with gross revenue over $50 million.

This was achieved without external venture capital funding.

In the new DotCom Secrets, Russell shares the secret funnel strategy behind this remarkable achievement.

What Is The Secret Funnel Strategy?

If you are looking to generate leads or sell a product for your online business…

…which literally means every business… sales funnels offer a route to achieve both.

The ClickFunnels team has run tens of thousands of tests to figure out which funnels work best for almost every business.

DotCom Secrets is therefore a playbook. 

It shows how any company can grow quickly online using sales funnels.

At the time of writing, over 789 businesses have achieved revenues of over 7 figures inside one of their funnels.

These are the Two Comma Club  award winners.

56 have grossed over 8 figures (Two Comma Club X) and 11 have grossed over 9 figures in one funnel (Two Comma Club C).

DotCom Secrets will give you access to all the processes, funnels, frameworks and scripts to build profitable sales funnels.

You will be getting the same secret formula people pay Russell Brunson $100,000 per day for.

What Is A Sales Funnel?

Unlike websites, which have so many buttons and calls to action on one page…

…sales funnels are simple and more focussed.

There is a one call to action on each page or step. 

Customers are taken directly to what they are looking for without distraction.

They are offered other products or services that complement and add extra value to what they originally purchased.

In simple terms, a sales funnel will have a page to collect their personal information.

Leads are then taken through the sales process that has an upsell.

Each page is simple, has a hook that will grab your atention, tells a story to create value and makes you an offer that will move you to the next page of the funnel.

This hook, story, offer triad, is the fundamental basis of any profitable sales funnel.

What Is Inside The New DotCom Secrets Book?

The Secret Formula

DotCom Secrets is based on a framework Russell calls, “The Secret Formula.”

The Secret Formula fundamentally seeks to answer 4 questions:

Question #1: Who is your dream customer?

Question #2: Where are they congregating?

Question #3: What is the bait that you can use to attract them to you?

Question #4: What is the unique result that you can create for them?

Inside DotCom Secrets

The new DotCom Secrets is a hardcover 393-page book.

It is made up of 28 secrets, each shared as a chapter and divided into 4 sections:

Section #1: Sales Funnel Secrets

Section #2: The Funnels In The Value Ladder

Section #3: Funnel Scripts

Section #4: Building Your Funnels

Section #1: Sales Funnel Secrets

Russell Brunson shares his Eureka moment when he discovered the power of sales funnels.

As a sophomore, he had started his first proper online business selling DVDs on how to make potato guns with his friend, Nate Ploehn.

Using Google ads, the business was initially profitable until Google, literally overnight increased his cost per click by over 10 times.

Now loss making, he had to turn off his ads.

Soon after, his friend, Mike Filsaime introduced him to the concept of sales funnels.

By adding a higher value “One-Time Offer as an upsell, in this case potato gun making kit, his busiess once again became profitable despite the increased ad spend. 

This was Russell’s first sales funnel.

Section One has the following 7 chapters (Secrets):

Secret #1: The Secret Formula

Secret #2: Hook, Story, Offer

Secret #3: The Value Ladder

Secret #4: The Attractive Character

Secret #5: Funnel Hacking 

Secret #6: Seven Phases of a Funnel

Secret #7: Follow-Up Funnels

Section #2: The Funnels In The Value Ladder

In Section 2, Russell looks more deeply at each step of the value ladder.

He identifies the goal for each step, and which funnels are best to achieve that goal.

He examines how to create offers that plug into the funnel and what sales or “funnel scripts” to use for each page in the funnel.

Section 2 has 10 chapters covering Front-End Lead Funnels, Unboxing Funnels, Presentation Funnels and Back-End Phone Funnels.

Front-End Lead Funnels

Secret #8: Lead “Squeeze” Funnels

Secret #9: Survey Funnels

Secret #10: Summit Funnels

Unboxing Funnels

Secret #11: Book Funnels

Secret #12: Cart Funnels

Secret #13: Challenge Funnels

Presentation Funnels

Secret #14: Video Sales Letter Funnels

Secret #15: Webinar Funnels

Secret #16: Product Launch Funnels

Back-End Phone Funnels

Secret #17: Application Funnels

Section #3: Funnel Scripts

Building a sales funnel is only a small piece of the puzzle to make sales online.

The biggest piece is the pitch otherwise called the “sales copy.”

These are the words that are likey to convince someone to buy your product.

For each funnel he created, Russell Brunson would research similar funnels.

He examined their videos, webinars and scripts looking for a common pattern.

He created little “funnel scripts” he would use when creating his own sales videos.

All he had to do was to plug in his stories and offer to the script and almost every product lauch with this process was successful.

In the first edition of DotCom Secrets, the scripts were included with each page of the funnel.

Since then, Jim Edwards, has created the software, Funnel Scripts, where you fill in the blanks, and it generates the scripts for you.

In the new DotCom Secrets, all the scripts have been put together in one section for easy referencing and use.

Section 3 has the following chapters:

Front-End Lead Funnel Scripts

Secret #18: “Curiosity-Based Headline” Scripts

Secret #19: “Who, What, Why, How” Script

Unboxing Funnel Scripts

Secret #20: “Star, Story, Solution” Script

Secret #21:”OTO” Script

Presentation Funnel Scripts

Secret #22: “Perfect Webinar” Script

Secret #23: “Product Launch” Script

Back-End Phone Funnel Scripts

Secret #24: “Four-Question Close” Script

Secret #25: “Setter” and “Closer” Scripts

Section #4: Building Your Funnels

The last section is about how to use ClickFunnels to quickly build sales funnels that convert leads into customers.

You will also learn about Funnel Stacking  – how to ochestrate funnels in a way that moves people up your value ladder.

And finally Russell teaches Funnel Audibles – what do do if you launch a funnel and it flops.

You will learn how to turn an underperforming funnel into a success.

Section 4 has 3 chapters:

Secret #26: ClickFunnels

Secret #27: Funnel Stacking

Secret #28: Funnel Audibles

"A simple process that ANY company can use to geometrically improve their traffic, conversion and sales online."

How Much Does DotCom Secrets Cost?

DotCom Secrets book is completely free when you buy it directly from the company.

You only shipping costs of $9.95 in the USA or $19.95 international anywhere in the world.

By buying direct you also get all Russell’s 5 extra free bonuses  plus my bonuses – see below.

DotComSecrets retails for $24.95 from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Hudson Booksellers and other major book outlets.

New DotCom Secrets Audiobook

You can purchase the new DotCom Secrets audiobook  as an usell when you purchase the hardcover book.

You can start consuming the content before you receive your book.

The Audiobook costs $37.

Russell Brunson's Bonuses (Value $335)

You will get the following 5 free bonuses from Russell Bruson when you buy a copy of the New DotCom Secrets.

To get the bonuses you have to purchase your copy direct from his sales funnel.

Bonus #1: The 3 Core Funnels eBook (Value $47.00)

3 Core Funnels eBook by Russell Brunson shows the 3 basic funnels behind most successful and profitable funnels

The 3 basic funnels that are responsible for the wealth and success of most online businesses.

Bonus #2: 108 Split Test Winners eBook (Value $47.00)

108 Proven Split Test Winners eBook is a bonus when you buy NEW DotCom Secrets

Simple tweaks you can add to your websites and funnels to increase conversions up to 1,219% or more.

They can be applied to any online business.

Bonus #3: Network Marketing Secrets eBook (Value $47)

Network Marketing Secrets Book by Russell Brunson will teach you how to use sales funnels to grow your network marketing team using Clickfunnels

If you’re into Network Marketing, this ebook will show you how to use funnels to build your teams.

You will learn how to use funnels to get people who are interested in what you are selling to sign up with you.

Bonus #4: Funnel Audibles (Value $97.00)

Funnel Audibles is a Funnel Hacking Live recording by Russell Brunson on how to convert a funnel that flops into a success. It is a bonus when you buy new DotCom Secrets book by Russell Brunson

This a Funnel Hacking Live recording by Russell Brunson on how to convert a funnel that flops into a success.

Bonus #5: 30 Day DotCom Secrets Challenge (Value $97.00)

30 Day DotCom Secrets Challenge is a day by day roadmap to follow, after reading DotCom Secrets. You will learn how to apply the principles of DotCom Secrets during the 30 Day Challenge. It is a free bonus when you buy DotCom Secrets

A day by day roadmap to follow, after reading DotCom Secrets.

You will learn how to apply the principles of DotCom Secrets during the 30 Day Challenge.

My Bonuses (Value $1,188.00)

You will get these additional free bonuses from me.

Bonus #1: ClickFunnels White Label Mini Course ($197 value)

ClickFunnels White Label Mini Course Bonus ($197 value). Part of my Ultimate ClickFunnels Bonus Offer. Can be used as a lead magnet or bonus.

Beginner’s course on how to use ClickFunnels.

You need a ClickFunnels account to download this or use this share funnel to start a free trial.

You can give it away as a bonus or or use it as a lead magnet.

Bonus #2: Affiliate Marketing White Label Mini Course ($197 value)

Affiliate Marketing White Label Mini Course Bonus ($197 value). Part of my Ultimate ClickFunnels Bonus Offer. Can be used as a lead magnet or bonus

Video affiliate marketing course for beginners you can download straight into your ClickFunnels account.

The white label rights mean you can modify it as you wish and use it as a lead magnet or bonus.

Bonus #3: CF Share Funnel Library White Label Rights ($497 value)

ClickFunnels Share Funnel Library Bonus With White Label Rights ($497 value). Part of my Ultimate ClickFunnels Bonus Offer. Can be used as a lead magnet or bonus.

My library of share funnels

With a single click, you can download any funnel into your ClickFunnels account.

You can use share funnels as lead magnets or bonus.

Bonus #4: Lifetime Recurring Affiliate Programs List White Label Rights ($297 value)

Ultimate List Of Lifetime Recurring Affiliate Programs Bonus With White Label Rights ($297 value). Part of my Ultimate ClickFunnels Bonus Offer. Can be used as a lead magnet or bonus.

I keep a list of lifetime recurring affiliate programs. 

The list is constantly updated. 

You can view the list here.

With white label rights you can give it away as a bonus or use as a lead magnet.

Russell’s Bonuses $335 + My Bonuses $1,188

Total bonuses when you buy DotCom Secrets = $1,523.00

To get my bonuses after buying your copyof DotCom Secrets, drop me a short message through this contact page. 

Final Thoughts

In the New DotCom Secrets, Russell Brunson gives away the results of a decade spent analyzing thousands of successful online companies.

Following his inital failed attempts at building an online business, he realized a secret.

The businesses that were making money were doing so through steps and processes invisible to the naked eye.

The front-ends of businesses may look similar.

The successful companies were using sales funnels in the back end.

You do not need to recreate the wheel.

If you are looking to start an online business,…

…or scale your stagnant sales..

…you need to understand and implement the concept of sales funnels in your business.

This is why DotCom Secrets is a must-read for any serious online business owner or entrepreneur.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is DotCom Secrets?

DotCom Secrets is a marketing book where you will learn how to use sales funnels to increase leads and sales for your business.

Who is Russell Brunson?

Russell Brunson is the CEO and co-founder of the software company ClickFunnels.

He has published and sold over 400,000 copies of his marketing books.

His other books are Expert Secrets and Traffic Secrets.

What is a sales funnel?

A sales funnel is a process where you take a customer through a focussed buying process, without distraction and you offer them products or services of increasing value and price.

Is DotCom Secrets free?

DotCom Secrets is free if you buy it direct from Russell Brunson.

However you will have to pay for postage which will cost you $9.95 in the USA and $19.95 for all other countries.

Where can I buy DotCom Secrets?

You can buy DotCom Secrets direct from Russell Brunson.

He is giving away some bonuses when you buy direct from hom.

Otherwise you can buy it from major book sellers like Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

What is the Secrets Masterclass?

To coincide with the publication of the Secrets Trilogy, Russell Brunson has produced a new training webinar for sales funnels called the Secrets Masterclass.

There is also a discount Secrets Masterclass pricing deal for ClickFunnels Platinum.

The NEW DotCom Secrets Book By Russell Brunson Shows How To Grow Your Company Online With Sales Funnels
New DotCom Secrets is the number one book to make money online with sales funnels

Affiliate Disclaimer: I hope you like this DotCom Secrets Book Review. I am an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee. I receive referral payments from ClickFunnels. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.

DotCom Secrets Review - Ultimate Guide To Building Sales Funnels

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