Two Of The Best Marketing Books Of All Time

Expert Secrets & DotCom Secrets

Expert Secrets and DotCom Secrets are two business books from Russell Brunson every business person needs. Expert Secrets teaches how you can create an underground movement of people who will pay to learn from you. Dotcom Secrets will show you how to grow traffic, conversion and sales to your business.

Expert Secrets and DotCom Secrets are two marketing books from Russell Brunson, the co-founder of ClickFunnels.

They are a must read for anyone serious about sales, marketing and building a business in the modern internet age.

Russell Brunson is perhaps the most successful marketer of our age…

…worthwhile learning the secrets to his success.

Expert Secrets will show you how to create a mass movement of people who are prepared to pay to learn from you.

Do you have a talent, skill, expertise or knowledge?

This book will show you how to harness what you know to build a business.

Robert Kiyosaki said that it’s: “the map that will allow you to turn your specialized knowledge, talents and abilities into a business that will work for you! This is one of the shortcuts of the New Rich.” 

Remember there are numerous people who are lower down on the ladder who can benefit from your knowledge and experience.

There are people out there ready to pay to learn from you. 

How do you equip yourself, attract a mass movement and market yourself?

Expert Secrets will answer these questions and many more!

DotCom Secrets is invaluable in teaching online marketing skills.

You will learn how to create highly converting offers and the methods to grow traffic exponentially to that offer

Tony Robbins said that it’s: “A simple process that ANY company can use to geometrically improve their traffic, conversion & sales online”

Inside you will find the actual playbook Russell and his team created after running thousands of tests and perfecting what works online.

You will have access to all of the processes, funnels and scripts that they used to scale companies online.

The bottom line..........

These two marketing books have changed the lives of many entrpreneurs.

Whatever your business niche, they will help focus your strategy.

Read Expert Secrets first.

Let me know how you feel about them.

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Chinedu Chiana

Chinedu Chiana is an Investor, Entrepreneur, Business & Financial Coach and Author of 'The Smart & Common Sense Investor'. He helps business owners with skills and strategies to create, build and grow profitable online businesses particularly with funnels, social media & email marketing, business automation and marketing advice.