The Smart & Common Sense Long Term Stock Investor

Simple principles to build wealth through stocks and shares

The personal finance book 'The Smart & Common Sense Investor' is a constellation of the principles of wealth creation through long term investment in stocks and shares available in paperback, kindle ebook and audiobook on Amazon.


About 30 years ago, I wanted to become a successful private investor.
I started buying and selling shares. I kept a ledger of my trades. I had no strategy. I was buying shares and selling them sometimes the same day or within a few days or weeks. I will often act on tips for example from the weekend press by buying on a Monday morning. I was hyperactive. I dabbled into options trading, Contracts For Difference trading, foreign exchange trading and others. Some trades made a profit but overall, I was LOSING money. I was DESPERATE for a SYSTEM!!

I bought and devoured any book I could get hold of on different investment strategies. I studied and researched the methods of the most successful investors in the world. I read financial journals, magazines and publications. I studied investment analysis, financial analysis, how to research and analyze companies, how to understand the dynamics of companies from different economic sectors. I was desperate to find a system that will help me achieve my FINANCIAL GOALS.

With time, I came to understand the simple principles behind BUILDING investment for the LONG TERM. They are simple but NOT easy to learn.

These are simple, common sense principles ANYONE can learn.

I decided to put these down in a book, as an educational tool to help anyone keen to learn how to build wealth through stocks and shares and create a life of financial FREEDOM and SECURITY.

My book, “The Smart & Common Sense Investor” has been written to help those who are in a similar position as I was 30 years ago, searching for a method for long term wealth creation. It equips the investor with a pathway to long term investment and so avoid the convoluted path I had to take.

The book will dispel the MYTH that you have to be fabulously rich to start investing.

The investor can REDUCE THE RISK of investing by LEARNING how to invest and NOT SPECULATE.

You also LEARN from an EXPERIENCED private investor.

• Are you new to investing?
• Are you hyper-trading and losing money?
• Do you have long term financial goals?
• Do you want to embark on the pathway to financial freedom?
• Do you want to learn the principles of wealth creation through investment in stocks and shares?

‘The Smart & Common Sense Investor’ will show you the principles you need to start investing today, get you on the pathway to financial freedom and grow long term wealth for yourself and family.

Chinedu Chiana

Chinedu Chiana is an Investor, Online Entrepreneur, Business & Financial Coach and Author of 'The Smart & Common Sense Investor'. He helps educate business owners and entrepreneurs on the skills and strategies to create, build and grow profitable online businesses. He reviews business software and digital marketing educational courses covering funnels, social media & email marketing, productivity, business automation and marketing advice.
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